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Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação

Professional Goals


Professional prospects for graduates of this programme will depend on their academic profile.

Communication networks

Profile targeted to deal with issues related with IC technologies namely the needs for computer resources and communication infrastructures and to install and manage computer systems to meet those needs.

Career Prospects:

Management of computer systems from businesses engaged in activities that are not connected with informatics;

Consultancy in computer systems;

Network design, management and installation.

 Information, Quality and Security systems (SIS).

As information systems take on an increasing significance, both at the level of process and business aims, the need for security and quality increases considerably and becomes a major concern for decision-makers.

More than a mere product or technology which can be bought, used and discarded, the security of information systems should be viewed as mainstreamed in the company business as an ever-changing process that requires a huge capacity to drive and manage change, both in terms of behaviours and organisational and technological infrastructures.

 Career Prospects:

Planners, administrators and explorers of information systems;

Security consultants;

Managers of critical information and people involved in the definition, implementation and management of business safety measures.


Webdesign, Multimedia and E-Business

Current society shows an increasing tendency to consumption and wide usage by the general population of multimedia devices.

Therefore, it is necessary to train qualified personnel capable of developing multimedia products and contents that can be applied in a wide range of businesses, public institutions, communication offices, etc.

By creating this profile we intended to keep close track of the academic pathway of the students who wish to further their knowledge in such topics as media, sound, image, web technologies and multimedia applications.

Career Prospects;

Applications/multimedia content production technician;

Technicians for businesses with the multimedia component;

Image and sound producers;

New technologies producers;

Development of WEB applications and products.