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Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores (pós-laboral)

Learning outcomes


Major/Branch in Energy:

Graduates in Electronic and Computer Engineering majoring in Energy should be able to design, implement, explore, manage and maintain facilities for the supply, transformation and use of energy complying with safety regulations as well as design, select and maintain energy equipments of industrial units and of electronic, electromechanical and automation systems from extractive, processing and technical installations. They will also have competencies in such areas as renewable energy, energy management and quality and project management.

Major/Branch in Industrial Automation:

Graduates in Electronics and Computer Engineering majoring in Automation should be able design, manage, control and maintain industrial systems, namely automated production systems, automated control and supervision processes, robotic control systems and communication systems. They will also be familiar with electronic systems, electromechanical drive systems, electrical and telecommunication systems and project management.


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