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Bachelor's Degree in Design e Tecnologia das Artes Gráficas

Graphic Design IV

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 9182/2020 - 25/09/2020

6 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP + 4,0 OT

- Maria João Bom Mendes dos Santos

Not applicable.

1. Distinguish between different communication design projects.
2. Develop critical skills and have a general panorama of graphic design.
3. Be able to produce quality stand-alone work.

1. Structural elements of graphic design:
11. Figure/bottom ratio, positive/negative ratio and frameworks;
2. Ideas that have changed the world of graphic design:
2.1. The sach plakat, the graphic design in times of war, the design as a way to combat inequalities;
3. Designers who made history in Portugal:
3.1. Robin Fior, Sebastião Rodrigues and Ada Rosa.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous evaluation time:
Three practical projects will be carried out during the semester that are worth 100% in the final grade (Project I, 20%; Project II, 40% and Project III, 40%).

Time of examination or appeal:
Only students who have completed at least one work in the frequency season and who have attended 2/3 of the classes will be admitted to the exam. As in the frequency season, students will have to submit the three completed practical projects, which are worth 100% in the final grade (Project I, 20%; Project II, 40% and Project III, 40%).

- Frutiger, A. (2001). En torno de la tipografia. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili
- Gray, N. (1986). A history of lettering. Oxford: Phaidon Oxford
- Aicher, O. (1967). Sistemas de signos en la comunicaçión visual. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili
- Moles, A. (1990). O cartaz. São Paulo: Editora Perspectiva

Teaching Method
1. Lectures making use of datashow.
2. Resolution of practical exercises.

Software used in class
Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop.




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