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Mestrado em Tecnologia Química

Learning outcomes


Graduates from this master´s program are expected to be able to:

  • Apply mathematical and engineering concepts and techniques,specially those applied to chemical technology and chemical engineering;
  • Define, model and solve problems related with chemical, biological and environmental processes;
  • Prepare and implement experiments and tests and be able to interpret and use respective results;
  • Use advanced analyses techniques and computer methods in chemical engineering;
  • Join project or research teams involved in process development and promote interdisciplinary tasks;
  • Promote the development of sustainable processes, clean technologies and rational energy use;
  • Design, implement, manage and optimise industries engaged in chemical and biological processes and their key support systems, including waste water management and treatment;
  • Evaluate, from the technical, economical and environmental point of view, new products and production technologies;
  • Apply the quality control procedures to raw materials and products;
  • Plan, draw up, implement and coordinate quality control methodologies as applied to production processes, laboratories and associated industrial services;
  • Acquire individual and teamwork methodologies that will allow them to engage in lifelong learning activities;