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Mestrado em Técnicas de Arqueologia

Learning outcomes



Competences to be acquired by students comprise resolution of problems related with the sustainable exploitation and management of archaeological resources including:

  • Identify and characterise archaeological sites and contexts in their environmental and cultural context contributing to a detailed survey of national archaeological resources;
  • Provide the country with qualified human resources in areas of expertise supported by a network of laboratory infrastructures that may make use of them later;
  • Identify archaeological resources and incorporate them in land planning programmes in order to attract investment and subsequent creation of workplaces and population settlement both at local and regional level;
  • Be aware of the importance of enhancing and exploring archaeological resources as factors for profitability and minimization of negative impacts;
  • Evaluate the scientific, didactic, patrimonial and cultural potential of areas of archaeological and landscape interest in order to use them as an instrument for regional promotion and development;
  • Draw up archaeological/tourist tour guides to disseminate and promote the areas of interest;
  • Draw up archaeological heritage risk maps for land planning;
  • Use key computer and telematics tools in their different application domains.