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Mestrado em Design Editorial

Learning outcomes


Holders of the master's degree in Editorial Design are expected to have acquired a wide range of skills namely:

Academic Skills:

  • organise and implement a methodology for editorial projects;
  • use, in a structured manner, the several levels of information present in an editorial project;
  • organise coherent, structured information based on multiple complex-data platforms trying to achieve a balance between function and form, decodable interface and communicative expression;
  • develop an experimentalist posture and practices that will allow individual and original approaches in design and editorial projects;
  • implement internationalisation initiatives;
  • promote innovation in the editorial market sector;

Instrumental Skills:

  • use appropriate, state-of-the-art technological tools in order to effectively meet the demands of the editorial design professional area;
  • have a good command of editorial processes and techniques.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • develop interpersonal relationships that will allow them to work as part of a team;
  • be able to join an editorial planning and organisation unit;
  • develop leadership and cooperation projects;

Systemic Skills:

  • develop self-learning strategies that will help them to progress in their future professions;
  • have a global view of the editorial sector and the strategies that can be implemented;
  • develop technical and creative thinking and the ability to innovate and create new knowledge.