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Mestrado em Conservação e Restauro

Learning outcomes


  •  Develop and strengthen knowledge and skills obtained at 1st-cycle level.
  • Apply acquired knowledge in new unfamiliar situations and in multidisciplinary contexts.
  • Be able to assimilate new knowledge, deal with complex issues, devise solutions or make judgements in situations of restricted or incomplete information, including insights on the implications and ethical and social responsibility of those solutions or judgements.
  • Be able to communicate conclusions as well as underlying knowledge and reasoning to specialists or non-specialists in a clear unequivocal manner.
  • Develop skills that will enable the students to engage in lifelong learning in an autonomous self-oriented manner.
  • Develop competences that will allow them to use creative, critical, autonomous and interdisciplinary skills to design, plan and integrate conservation and restoration products and processes according to international project regulations and relevant state-of-the-art.
  • Acquire know-how and skills that will allow them to access the third-cycle, i.e. doctoral studies.