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Engenharia Civil (pós-laboral)

Learning outcomes


Graduates in civil engineering should have developed a critical mindset that will enable them to understand, formulate and solve real engineering problems in a wide range of fields such as on-site management, construction materials and processes, structures and foundations, hydraulics, roadworks, work instrumentation and supervision and also the interactions with urbanism and town planning. They should also be aware of issues related with safety, construction quality, sustainability and environment.

They should be able to apply, through scientific methodologies, concepts of Mathematics, Physics, Continuum Mechanics, Geology and specific areas of expertise, keep pace with engineering developments and engage in lifelong learning.

They should also have a good command of computer technologies as an essential means of accessing, treating and disseminating information and a tool for the resolution of engineering problems.

They are expected to be proficient both orally and in writing and be able to communicate conclusions and respective reasoning both to specialists and non-specialists in a clear, unequivocal way.