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Mestrado em Auditoria e Análise Financeira

Learning outcomes


Holders of a master's degree in Auditing and Financial Analysis should be able to:

  • Understand issues related with the evolution of audit across time and how it has been meeting organisational challenges.
  • Relate the shifts in organisational models with audit requirements and reflect on present and future trends.
  • Be familiar with the main aspects of the internal auditor's profession including activity scope, activity requirements and differences and similarities to external audit.
  • Evaluate the internal control system and be able to implement it in any organisation.
  • Be familiar with the peculiarities of audit in such sectors as public, financial and insurance.
  • Be aware of the importance of prospective and strategic audit in the context of market instability.
  • Be familiar with the basic principles of market operation and financial instruments particularly in what concerns the main financial products (shares, bonds, etc.)
  • Evaluate the best investment alternatives taking into account the profitability and risk of financial products;
  • Use the main equilibrium models to analyse and assess financial assets.
  • Make proposals for business recovery.
  • Be familiar with and apply international accounting standards for business.
  • Be acquainted with the main taxes applicable to businesses.