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Undergraduate in Gestão de Comércio e Serviços


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.


Course coordinator

Maria de Fátima Rodrigues Pedro

Maria de Fátima Rodrigues Pedro

Gabinete: O210
t.: 00351 249 328 244
ext.: 1125
endereço de e-mail

Publication in the Diário da República: Adequação/Bolonha 2007/2008

Plano curricular
UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
1º Semestre
Business Organisation and Administration Gestão 4
Fundamentals of Law Direito 5
General Accounting Contabilidade 6
Information Technologies Tecnologias da Informação e Comunicação 5
Macroeconomics Economia 5
Mathematics Matemática 5
2º Semestre
Corporate Law Direito 5
English Línguas 5
Introduction to Marketing Marketing 5
Microeconomics Economia 5
Organisational Behaviour Recursos Humanos 5
Statistics Matemática 5


Plano curricular
UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
1º Semestre
Budget Management and Control Systems Contabilidade 5
Business Contracts and Consumer Protection Direito 5
Consumer Bahaviour Marketing 5
Financial Calculus Financeira 5
Stock Management Gestão 5
Strategic Marketing Marketing 5
2º Semestre
Advanced English Línguas 4
Corporate Communication and Negotiation Marketing 5
French Línguas 4
German Línguas 4
Human Resources Management Recursos Humanos 5
International Economic Relations Economia 5
Market Strategy and Development Marketing 6
Sales Promotion and Merchandising Marketing 5


Plano curricular
UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
1º Semestre
Branding Marketing 4
Distribution Marketing Marketing 5
Market Research and Analysis Marketing 6
Project Analysis Gestão 5
Prospective Analysis and Planning Economia 5
Relationship Marketing and E-Commerce Marketing 5
2º Semestre
Applied Business Project Gestão 6
Business Internationalisation Marketing 6
Commerce and Services Marketing 6
Family Business Management Gestão 3
Quality Management Gestão 4
Service Marketing Marketing 5