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Manutenção de Instalações Técnicas

Learning outcomes


The Technical Maintenance Facilities is the main guarantor of a living building functional and durable. Including training in the following areas: Power supply - gas, electricity and renewable sources; Heating and air conditioning, water, drainage, pumping and drainage systems; Natural and artificial lighting, elevators and escalators, ventilation and cooling, communication lines, telephone and IT systems, security systems and alarm, fire detection and protection. The course of study brings together and connects different disciplines, retrieves and enhances the benefits of interdisciplinarity, resulting, evidently, a capacity for more effective response to requests from organizations and citizens, particularly relevant aspect in the society of our demanding and competitive days;
? Ensure a professional specialization, able to allow intervention in an interdisciplinary way in the various specialties of the area of facilities and equipment in buildings, particularly in heating, ventilation and air
conditioning (HVAC) systems, networks, fluids, electrical installations, home automation, networking data and communications, safety and security, acoustics, lighting, among others, from the stage of design, construction and maintenance;
? To train professionals capable of contributing to improving the quality of buildings and their equipment, in aspects of performance, comfort, safety and rational use of energy;
? Provide a critical need for the market, through training of professionals with a comprehensive profile and appropriate in engineering-related facilities and equipment in buildings;
? Be motor startups or spinoffs, encouraging and supporting students in developing business plans for change motors that contribute to the development of an innovative and competitive society.
Aims to provide students skills in the areas of Design Methodologies and Product and Equipment Development,Technologies related to the Transformation of Raw Materials, Technology of Materials, Automation and Process Control, given the set of the DL n.º 74/2006 of March 24th and onwards.