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Bachelor's Degree in Video e Cinema Documental

Cinema and Contemporaneity

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 13021/2015

5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 T + 30,0 TP + 3,0 OT


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A. The students should develop an insight of film history and be able to relate it with other film areas and cultural areas in general, understand the milestones of film history.
B. Develop the ability to analyse motion pictures and be able to relate works and film-making trends.

I. Theories
1. Time and contemporary
2. Movie and contemporary
3. Time of history, time of speech

II. Filmic duets about contemporary
1. Nazism between hell and pacification
2. Iwo Jima. One island, two shores
3. Anachronism of contemporary
4. The colonized between two times
5. Vietnam between heroism and the american regret
6. Shining and shadows of missing empire

Evaluation Methodology
a) A minimum of 75% class attendance is required to pass.
b) One film review: 30% of final mark
c) Class participation: 20% of final mark
d) Assessment paper: 50% of final mark

- Seabra, J. (2014). Cinema. Tempo, memória, análise. Coimbra: Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra
- Catroga, F. (2001). Memória, história, historiografia. Coimbra: Quarteto
- Aumont, J. (2009). Dicionário teórico e crítico do cinema. Lisboa: Texto e Grafia
- Roberts, J. (2007). História do século XX. Lisboa: Presença

Teaching Method
a - Traditional face-to-face lectures.
b - Practical classes focused on film analysis.

Software used in class




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