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TeSP - Tecnologias Integradas de Produção Industrial

Ano Letivo: 2020/21


This course has as partner the Altri Group, which has interests in the forest, in the production of cellulosic pulp and in the production of energy from biomass. It is one of the main economic and industrial groups in the country and intends, through the training given in this course, to recruit future employees interested in a promising career with a future. Trained students will be able to perform operations related to the entire forest line culminating in the production of cellulosic pulp and the production of energy from biomass.


Course coordinator

Manuel Alberto Nogueira Henriques Rosa

Manuel Alberto Nogueira Henriques Rosa

Gabinete: J211
t.: 249328100
endereço de e-mail

Course coordinator

Maria Odete Coelho Antonio Fernandes

Maria Odete Coelho Antonio Fernandes

Gabinete: B151
t.: 249328140
ext.: 4202
endereço de e-mail
Ano Letivo: 2020/21

Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 6647/2020 - 25/06/2020

Plano curricular
UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
1º Semestre
Informática na óptica do utilizador 6 José Manuel Quelhas Antunes
Matemática 8 Rosa Brígida
Carla Silva
Química 6 Valentim Nunes
Segurança e higiene no trabalho 4 Paula Portugal
PhysicsFísica 6 Eugénio Almeida
2º Semestre
Biologia e bioquímica 6 Cecília Baptista
Dina Mateus
Electricidade e energia 6 Mário Gomes
Metalurgia e metalomecânica 6 Isabel Nogueira
Paulo Coelho
Tecnologia dos processos químicos 6 Natércia Santos
Cecília Baptista
Tecnologia dos processos químicos 6 Marco Cartaxo


Plano curricular
UCArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
1º Semestre
Física 6
Gestão e administração 6
Metalurgia e metalomecânica 6
Tecnologia dos processos químicos 6
ProjectTecnologia dos processos químicos 6
2º Semestre
Engenharia e técnicas afins 30




Mathematics and Statistics

Health and Safety

Chemistry of Raw Materials

Industry and Environment

Instrumentation and Control

Electricity Principles

Biological Processes


Integrated Management Systems

Cellulose Technology

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Steam Generators and Turbines


Professional Goals

 At the end of this course, the Professional Superior Technician of Integrated Technologies of Industrial Production will be able to perform, independently or under superior guidance, among others, the following functions:
  • Technician responsible for the electrical and mechanical maintenance of installations and equipment for the production of pulp and energy;
  • Operations technician in the pulp and energy production processes.

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Ano Letivo: 2020/21