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Ano Letivo: 2016/17

Bachelor's Degree in Engenharia Química e Bioquímica

Biological Reactors (Option)

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 10764/2011 - 30/08/2011

5.5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 T + 30,0 P


Basic knowledge of microbiology, biochemistry, reactors and mass and heat transfer calculations.

Be able to search and gather laboratory data concerning the global kinetics of the microbial process in order to be able to select the type of fermenter and the operation mode to be used and to design the vessel and respective mixing aeration and cooling devices.

Stoichiometry and kinetics of microbial growth. Design and
analysis of biological reactors: batch reactor, continuous-flow
stirred-tank, fed-batch, CSTR with recycle and wall growth, plugflow
reactor with recycle, bubble-column, fluidized-bed, trickle-bed,
CSTRs in series, association CSTR-PFR. Oxygen-limited fermentations. Heat balance, sterilisation. Scale-up criteria. Case studies.

Evaluation Methodology
Final written test and lab reports. A minimum mark of 10 out of 20 in each component is required to pass.

- Doran, P. (2012). Bioprocess Engineering Principles. London: Academic Press
- Kristiansen, B. e Ratledge, C. (2006). Basic Biotechnology. London: Cambridge University Press
- Fonseca, M. e Teixeira, J. (2007). Reactores Biológicos - Fundamentos e Aplicações. Lisboa: LIDEL edições técnicas
- Mateus, D. (0). Sebentas de Reactores Biológicos. Acedido em 1 de fevereiro de 2012 em www.e-learning.ipt.pt

Teaching Method
Lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes.

Software used in class




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