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Archaeology Techniques

Ano Letivo: 2016/17


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.



The main objective is to train technicians in the field of archeology and Heritage able to carry on independently the tasks typically required during field work and laboratory. So the training shall comprise quite practical applications of the different methods of data collection in archeology and heritage with the most modern instruments. Graduates will be able to prepare reports and projects.


Course coordinator

Pierluigi Rosina

Pierluigi Rosina

Gabinete: G202
endereço de e-mail

Erasmus coordinator

Luis Filipe Neves Carreira dos Santos

Luis Filipe Neves Carreira dos Santos

Gabinete: F208
t.: +351 249 32 8 100
ext.: 7205
endereço de e-mail
Ano Letivo: 2016/17
Plano curricular
UC Ramo Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge in the Media. Theory and Techniques.Tronco comum 3
EnglishTronco comum 3
Methodology of Scientific WorkTronco comum 3
PortugueseTronco comum 3
1º Semestre
Bioarchaeology and Human EvolutionTronco comum 6
Cultural Heritage ManagementTronco comum 3
European PrehistoryTronco comum 3
Excavation, recording and analysis methodsTronco comum 3
Geology of Continental Quaternary FormationsTronco comum 3
Landscape PlaeoecologyTronco comum 3
Lithic Technology and TypologyTronco comum 3
MuseographyTronco comum 3
Prehistoric ArtTronco comum 3
2º Semestre
Tronco comum 3
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 4
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 4
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 3
Tronco comum 3
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 3
Tronco comum 2
Tronco comum 2
"The Prehistory of Death: from Stone Age to Iron Age"Tronco comum 3
Archaeology and Heritage TheoryTronco comum 3
Art and Archaeology of the Peninsular ProtohistoryTronco comum 3
Brazilian ArchaeologyTronco comum 3
Computer Science 1Tronco comum 3
Contextualisation of Archaeological SitesTronco comum 3
Documentation and Study of Ceramic MaterialTronco comum 3
EthnoarchaeologyTronco comum 3
Evaluation and Quality for Cultural HeritageTronco comum 3
Examination and AnalysisTronco comum 3
GIS and NTIC IIITronco comum 2
Generation and Modification of Anthropic DepositsTronco comum 3
Geoarchaeology SeminarTronco comum 6
Geodiversity and Archaeological HeritageTronco comum 3
Geographic Information Systems ApplicationsTronco comum 3
GeomorphologyTronco comum 3
Integrated Archaeology and Land ManagementTronco comum 3
Intercultural Integration ModuleTronco comum 3
Latin-American Rock ArtTronco comum 3
Methods and Techniques SeminarTronco comum 6
PalaeogeographyTronco comum 3
Palaeolithic ArtTronco comum 3
Peninsular Neolithic ArtTronco comum 3
Post-Palaeolithic ArtTronco comum 3
Prehistory SeminarTronco comum 6
Prehistory in the Iberian PeninsulaTronco comum 3
Presentation Styles and TechniquesTronco comum 3
Preservation, Moulding and Restoration of Archaeological MaterialsTronco comum 3
Rock-Art ArchaeologyTronco comum 3
Sedimentology and Laboratory AnalysesTronco comum 6
South-American ArchaeologyTronco comum 3
Stratigraphy and Palaeontology of the QuaternaryTronco comum 6
Tools for the recovery of PC (GIS and NTIC)Tronco comum 3
What is Prehistoric Art: a journey through paint and chiselTronco comum 3


Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 7701/2016 09/06/2016

Plano curricular
UC Ramo Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
1º Semestre
Archaeological Field Techniques Tronco comumArqueologia 6 Silvério Figueiredo
Archaeological Recording TechniquesTronco comumArqueologia 3 Silvério Figueiredo
Foreign LanguageTronco comumLíngua Estrangeira 3 Hermínia Sol
Mapping techniquesTronco comumCartografia 6
Office and Laboratory TechniquesTronco comumArqueologia 6
Themes and Historical Contexts in ArchaeologyTronco comumArqueologia 6
2º Semestre
Archaeological Excavation Técnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 6 Silvério Figueiredo
Archaeometry Técnicas de ArqueologiaCiências da Terra 3
Complex and global landscape management: integrated management and cultural tourismGestão do Património CulturalMuseologia 6 Luís Mota Figueira
Luiz Osterbeek
Silvério Figueiredo
Concepts and Theories: protecting cultural landscapes and intangibility as a landscapeGestão do Património CulturalMuseologia 6 Luís Mota Figueira
Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage Técnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 6
Dynamic management of cultural landscapes: reconstruction of cultural landscapes, quality control and applied projectGestão do Património CulturalCiências da Terra 6 Luiz Osterbeek
Luis Santos
Pierluigi Rosina
Geographic Information SystemsTécnicas de ArqueologiaCartografia 6
Interdisciplinarity and Interculturality: European Culture, Language, Professional and Collaborative ProjectsGestão do Património CulturalGeografia Cultural 6 Luiz Osterbeek
Silvério Figueiredo
Pierluigi Rosina
Hermínia Sol
Palaeoenvironmental ReconstructionsTécnicas de ArqueologiaCiências da Terra 6
Remote Surveying Techniques Técnicas de ArqueologiaCiências da Terra 3
Tools and methods: virtual reality, GIS and ICTGestão do Património CulturalInformática 6 Jorge Mascarenhas
Rita Anastácio


Plano curricular
UCRamoArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
Dissertation [GPC]Gestão do Património CulturalArqueologia 48
Internship with report [GPC]Gestão do Património CulturalArqueologia 48
Project [GPC]Gestão do Património CulturalArqueologia 48
1º Semestre
Social and Heritage Enhancement TechniquesTronco comumMuseologia 6
Archaeological Rock Art TechniquesTécnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 3
Archaeozoology Laboratory Técnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 6
Geoarchaeology Técnicas de ArqueologiaCiências da Terra 3
Seminar Tronco comumArqueologia 6
Underwater Archaeological Intervention MethodologiesTécnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 6
2º Semestre
Dissertation [AT]Técnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 30
Internship and final report [AT]Técnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 30
Project [AT]Técnicas de ArqueologiaArqueologia 30

Professional Goals


Holders of the master's degree in Archaeological Techniques are prepared among others to perform as:

· Middle managers in public bodies, museums, municipalities, etc.);

· Collaborators or responsible for archaeological monitoring/intervention activities;

· Members of multidisciplinary teams working in laboratories engaged in the analysis of archaeological artifacts or ecofacts.

Ano Letivo: 2016/17