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Master's degree in Digital Content Production

Ano Letivo: 2016/17


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.


Location: Tomar.


This course of study includes:

. A master's program organised into modules corresponding to 60 ECTS credits;

· An original project or a professional internship including final report corresponding to 60 ECTS credits.

The study program aims at developing the following technical and scientific skills:

  • Mathematics and Computing (33 compulsory ECTS credits);
  • Digital Content Production (81 compulsory ECTS credits);
  • Economics and Management (6 compulsory ECTS credits);

Professional Goals

Graduates from the master's degree in Digital Content Production are prepared to perform as:
  • Process managers or assistant process managers in companies or organisations engaged in the production of digital content;
  • Collaborator or responsible for the implementation, programming and administration of systems designed to create and support the use of digital content;
  • Members of multidisciplinary teams engaged in the creation of digital contents targeted to a wide range of areas such as dissemination of cultural, heritage and scientific issues;
  • Director or middle manager within bodies engaged in the creation, dissemination and management of digital content.
  • The master's degree in Digital Content Production gives access to third-cycle programmes in computer engineering, graphic design and related areas according to applicable admission regulations.
Ano Letivo: 2016/17
Plano curricular
Cód. UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
1º Semestre
30163 Algorithmic Design and AnalysisMatemática e Computação 6
30162 Computer Graphics IMatemática e Computação 6 Sandra Jardim (2)
30166 Digital Signal Recording and ProcessingConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais 5
30165 Entrepreneurship and Business PlanningEconomia e Gestão 3
30161 Multimedia Products DevelopmentConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais 6
30164 Project and Research MethodologyEconomia e Gestão 3
30167 Seminar IConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais 1
2º Semestre
30168 3D Animation and ModellingMatemática e Computação 6
301610 Computer Games and Augmented RealityMatemática e Computação 6
30169 Computer Graphics IIMatemática e Computação 6
301612 Digital Content Production ProjectConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais 3
301613 Image Representation and CodingMatemática e Computação 3 Sandra Jardim (2)
301611 Multimedia NetworksConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais 5
301614 Seminar IIConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais 1


Plano curricular
Cód. UCArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
301617 Internship/PlacementConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais Pedro Correia (2)
Sandra Jardim (2)
301616 ProjectConstrução de Conteúdos Digitais Célio Marques (2)
Pedro Dias (2)

(1) Docente Responsável
(2) Docente que lecciona


Course coordinator

Pedro Daniel Frazão Correia

Pedro Daniel Frazão Correia

endereço de e-mail

Erasmus coordinator

Pedro Daniel Frazão Correia

Pedro Daniel Frazão Correia

endereço de e-mail

Administrative Support Staff

Guiomar Maria Marques Fonseca Cotovio

Guiomar Maria Marques Fonseca Cotovio

Gabinete: I 215
t.: 249 328 237
ext.: 1214
endereço de e-mail
Ano Letivo: 2016/17
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