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Ano Letivo: 2013/14

Engenharia Informática

Professional Goals


There is a severe shortage of computer engineers in the labour market; therefore the demand has been increasingly greater than the supply. The occupational profile of these professionals is also increasingly broader.

In general, graduates in Computer Engineering develop their activities in all kinds of organizations. They design, develop and manage computer-based systems. They deal with applications (software) and most computer equipment (hardware). They collaborate in the automation process of organisations and in the development of their information systems. They establish internal networks of communication within organizations (intranets) and establish a presence, as effective and safe as possible, of the organizations in external networks (Internet) to communicate with clients, partners and government officials.

Increasingly,computer engineers assume sociocultural importance in networking and computing systems with a high degree of accessibility and universality that allow communication among different generations, cultures, regions, social backgrounds, etc..