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Ano Letivo: 2013/14

Engenharia Electrotécnica e de Computadores



 The Electrical and Computer Engineering course has a set of lab resources of outstanding quality, to satisfy the training needs of the LEEC’s students and also to respond to the market needs, providing external services. The labs cover a wide range of technological and scientific matters, including:
 - Automation, Control and Robotics lab;
 - Systems and Industrial Computation Laboratory
 - Electronics and Measurements lab;
 - Systems and Control lab;
 - Power Quality and Energy Electric Installations lab;
 - Mobile Robotics lab;
 - Electrical Machines and Power Electronics lab;
 - Networks Laboratory
 - Electric Traction lab;
 - R&D and Applied Research lab;
It also includes 3 more labs to support students projects.The involvement of final year students in applied research and multidisciplinary projects that are targeted to businesses through the lab of Industrial Innovation and Enterprises (LINE) of the IPT, promotes teamwork, stimulates entrepreneurship and helps students facing the job market.



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