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Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art

Ano Letivo: 2013/14


Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.



This course of study includes:

- A master's program organised into course units corresponding to 80 ECTS credits;

- A final dissertation worth 40 ECTS credits;

This master's degree was designed so as to develop competencies in the following technical-scientific areas: Prehistory (6 compulsory ECTS and up to optional 18 ECTS), Quaternary Geology (6 compulsory ECTS and up to18 optional ECTS), Palaeoanthropology (6 compulsory ECTS and up to 18 optional ECTS), Methods and Techniques (6 compulsory ECTS and up to 18 optional ECTS), Museography and Didactics (6 compulsory ECTS and up to 18 optional ECTS), field and laboratory work (8 ECTS) e optional credits to be obtained in congress projects, publications and others (up to 9 ECTS). The minimum amount of ECTS credits required in taught modules is 63 and the maximum is 72.


Course coordinator

Luiz Miguel Oosterbeek

Luiz Miguel Oosterbeek

Gabinete: G202 (Campus) e GRI (Av.Cândido Madureira)
t.: 917849330
endereço de e-mail
Ano Letivo: 2013/14

Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 17071/2009 - 23/07/2009

Plano curricular
Cód. UC Area ECTS Lecturer
Obg. Opt.
6498125 3
6498123 Archaeoacoustics and Rock ArtHistória e Arqueologia 3
6498114 Archaeology, Human Behaviour and Integrated Land Management.Ciências da Terra 3
64983 Bioarchaeology and Human EvolutionHistória e Arqueologia 6
64989 Cultural Heritage ManagementHistória e Arqueologia 3 Luiz Osterbeek (2)
6498119 EnglishHistória e Arqueologia 3
649851 EthnoarchaeologyHistória e Arqueologia 3
64981 European PrehistoryHistória e Arqueologia 3 Luiz Osterbeek (2)
649849 Excavation, Recording and Analysis MethodsHistória e Arqueologia 3
649882 Field and Laboratory ActivitiesHistória e Arqueologia 8 Luiz Osterbeek (2)
649837 Formation and Modification of Anthropic DepositsCiências da Terra 3 Pierluigi Rosina (2)
6498116 Geoarchaeology Seminar Ciências da Terra 6
649838 Geodiversity and Archaeological HeritageCiências da Terra 3 Pierluigi Rosina (2)
649855 Geographic Information SystemsHistória e Arqueologia 6
64984 Geology of Continental Quaternary DepositsCiências da Terra 3 Pierluigi Rosina (2)
649839 GeomorphologyCiências da Terra 3 Pierluigi Rosina (2)
6498102 Heritage Management SeminarHistória e Arqueologia 6 Luiz Osterbeek (2)
6498115 Hunters-Gatherers Societies Ciências da Terra 3
6498124 Laboratory Techniques and Experimental Archaeology História e Arqueologia 3
64985 Landscape PalaeoecologyHistória e Arqueologia 3 Luis Santos (2)
64986 Lithic Technology and TypologyHistória e Arqueologia 3 Sara Raquel Mendes Cura (2)
649859 Methodology of Scientific WorkHistória e Arqueologia 3 Luiz Osterbeek (2)
Silvério Figueiredo (2)
64988 Museum Development História e Arqueologia 3 Luís Mota Figueira (2)
649811 Peninsular Neolithic ArtHistória e Arqueologia 3 Hipólito Collado Giraldo (2)
6498120 PortugueseHistória e Arqueologia 3
64982 Prehistoric ArtHistória e Arqueologia 3
649818 Prehistory SeminarHistória e Arqueologia 6 Ricardo Jorge Santos Cardoso (2)
Luiz Osterbeek (2)
649850 Preservation, Treatment and Restoration of Archaeological MaterialsHistória e Arqueologia 3 Fernando Costa (2)
64987 Rupestrian Archaeology História e Arqueologia 3
649881 Stand-Alone ActivitiesHistória e Arqueologia 9
6498122 TaphonomyHistória e Arqueologia 3


Plano curricular
Cód. UCArea ECTS Lecturer
Obr. Opt.
649883 DissertationHistória e Arqueologia 40 Luís Mota Figueira (2)

(1) Docente Responsável
(2) Docente que lecciona

Condições de Acesso


Open 2nd Phase for Applications - until 26th September 2014



European Master in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art 2014/2016

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar/Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

(Erasmus Mundus Master, with the support of European Comission)

Master Course integrates Erasmus Mundus European Master in Quaternary and Prehistory, allowing students to undertake 30% of the course in other universities of the network, obtaining in the end Erasmus Mundus European Diploma, issued by IPT, UTAD, University of Ferrara (Italy), Institute of Human Paleontology in Paris (France) and University of Tarragona (Spain). Master' students may also attend part of their studies at University of Diliman, Philippines.


Director: Prof. Doutor Luíz Oosterbeek
Directive Comission: Prof. Doutor Pierluigi Rosina (IPT), Prof. Doutor Artur Sá (UTAD) and Prof. Doutor João Baptista (UTAD).

Application Process:

Candidates must send course admission requirement and letter directed to Master Director, justifying their interest in the course and referring intended area of specialization (candidates may indicate an eventual theme for Master Thesis Dissertation), attaching Curriculum Vitae, copy of competence certificate/Diploma, copy of Identity Card /Passport and VAT. Number, and Application Form.
Candidates that are completing degree in the current academic year may apply conditionally (this should be mentioned in the application for admission).

Documentation must be sent by post to:

Secretariat of Master in Preshistoric Archeology and Rock Art 

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

Av. Cândido Madureira, Nº 13, 2300-531 Tomar


Tel. (+351) 249 346 363 / Fax. (+351) 249 346 366
Email: mestrados.gri@ipt.pt


Selection of Candidates: until 1st October 2014

Selection of Candidates is made by Directive Comission of Master Course, based on criteria bellow, which are identical to those defined by the Erasmus Mundus European Master, under a total of 100 points:

a) Classification of Degree (max.20)
b) Candidate's motivation letter (max.15)
c) Knowledge of english or french (max. 10)
d) Knowledge of other languages (max. 5)
e) Professional experience in Archaeology (max.20)
f) Additional qualifications, namely other academic degrees or publications (Max. 5)
g) Adequation of Thesis theme or previous publications (max. 20)
i) Age (5 points for those under 30 years old)

Candidates may be subjected to an interview, whenever Directive Comission thinks it is necessary.

Key areas of training: Prehistory, Paleoanthropology, Quaternary Geology, Methods and Techniques in Archaeology and Heritage Didactics.


Key areas of specialization: Prehistoric Archaeology, Rock Art, Lithic Technology, Ceramic Technology, Latin American Archaeology, Computer Applications to Archaeology, Geo-archeology, Archaeometry, archaeo-botany, Paleobotany, Zoo-archaeology, Archaeology Sub-Aquatic, Quality Management Heritage (Collaboration of HERITY program), Quaternary Geology, Prehistory and Heritage Management. Other specializations within Erasmus Mundus network.

Training and Investigation Grants: Tagus Valley, Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Angola (applications after the selection of Master candidates).

Statistics of former graduates : 70% working in Archeology;  25% in Doctorate.

Main areas of research: Tagus Valley (Portugal and Spain), Angola, Brazil.

Location: Master classes take mainly place at Museu de Arte Pré-Histórica e do Sagrado no Vale do Tejo, Mação. Some modules take place in Tomar and Vila Real (UTAD).

Regime: Classroom. Most compulsory modules take place on Friday and Saturday, and some classes may occur during week.

Fee: € 2,000.00 (€ 1,000.00 / year) + € 150.00 for registration fee + € 2,00 for annual school insurance.

Enrolment: Enrolment (2nd phase) will take place from 6th to 8th  October 2014 at IPT Academic Services, and the following documentation is required: copy of Identity Card /Passport and VAT. Number (to be delivered later in case of foreign students), 2 small photos, copy of vaccination bulletin (with tetanus updated), and application form provided by Academic Services. On enrollment students must pay registration fee (€ 150,00) and school insurance (2.00 €).

Following Studies: Students under Master Course may continue their studies to Erasmus Mundus Doctorate in  "Quaternary, Materials and Cultures" and Doctorate in "Heritage".


Classes Start: 9th October 2014


Master in Prehistoric Archeology and Rock Art 2013/2014 (calendar 2014/2015 soon available)

Erasmus Mundus Applications : Site of Universitá degli Studi di Ferrara (Itália)




Professional Goals

Holders of the master's degree in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art are prepared to perform

· Public Sector:

- Municipal Archaeologists;

- Central government (DGPC and attached services);

- Museums;

- Heritage and tourism management services;

· Private Sector:

- Organisations engaged in archaeological activities;

- Organisations engaged in cultural and tourism activities;

- Land management providers.

· Education:

- Higher polytechnic education;

- University education;

- Professional training in archaeology, cultural heritage and rock art.

· International labour market:

- Higher education;

- Museums;

- Government services;

- Professional training;

- Consultancy.


Master in Prehistoric Archaeology and Rock Art takes place in partnership with UTAD (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro) and in association with Erasmus Mundus Master in "Quaternary and Prehistory" (Erasmus Mundus Partnership: Universitá degli Studi di Ferrara, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Universidade Diliman Philippines).
Ano Letivo: 2013/14