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4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 24,0 TP , Cód. 20189.

- João Pedro Dias Fontes da Costa

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- Understanding the complexity of current markets and the emergence of human capital management
- Understand the importance of alignment between HR strategies and company results;
- Identify methods and techniques of recruitment and selection;
- Identify the methods and techniques of training and skills development;
- Understand the importance of performance appraisal, career planning and talent management for the implementation of effective reward systems.

1. The strategic management of people in organizations and the surrounding factors
2. The recruitment and selection process
2.1. Internal
2.2. External
2.3. Process Steps
2.4. Search for applications
2.5. Pre selection
2.6. Selection
2.7. Final decision
3. The management of training and the development of employees' potential
3.1. Identify training needs
3.2. Design and development of training actions
3.3. Monitoring training
3.4. Evaluation of effectiveness
3.5. Management Talents
4. Performance evaluation and management
4.1. Ongoing performance management process
4.2. Stages of performance appraisal
5. Career planning and reward systems
5.1. Definition of objectives between company and employees
5.2. Feedback
5.3. Motivation and benefits

Evaluation Methodology
The continuous evaluation:
Practical group work developed in class, aiming to characterize and / or define, in the light of the programmatic contents studied, human capital management practices (100%).
Students with a grade of 9.5 or higher are exempt from the examination.
Assessment in time of exam: written test according to the schedule defined for the post graduation (100%).

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Teaching Method
Considering the nature of the curricular unit, the teaching methodologies are theoretical-practical, using expository methods and interrogation, and the accomplishment of group dynamics, exercises and practical cases to foster active participation.

Software used in class




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