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Quality, Safety and Environmental Management in Construction

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 7571/2019 - 26/08/2019

5 ECTS; 2º Ano, Anual, 42,0 TP , Cód. 818616.

- Luis Filipe Rocha de Almeida

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Non-Quality Costs, Prevention and Control in Quality Management; Safety and Environment.
Portuguese Quality System.
Quality standards and identification of the main legal requirements associated with the realization of construction products.
Necessary techniques for adequate quality control of materials and construction processes.
Legislation applied to Safety, Hygiene and Health at work.
Risk analysis, risk assessment methods and application of prevention management measures, correction in construction, exploration and rehabilitation works and their impacts on the economic balance of undertakings.
Standards and specifications for the implementation of a Safety Management system.
Methods and practices for Environmental Impact Assessment.
Sustainability concepts. Planning and installation of parks and industrial units.

Evaluation Methodology
Written test in all seasons.
Only students with a final grade equal to or greater than 9.5 are approved.

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Teaching Method
Expository and question/answer method is used to present the main theoretical issues, explanation and audiovisual resources, dialogues, debates, presentation of practical cases and development of work based on case studies.

Software used in class
Cype Bim




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