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Produção Artística para a Conservação e Restauro

Wood Carving Techniques

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Publication in the Diário da República: Aviso nº 3921/2015 - 14/04/2015

6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 67,50 PL + 7,50 TP , Cód. 605518.


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To know the techniques and technologies of the artistic production of the retabulística, sculpture and carving;
Know the raw materials, materials, products, utensils, tools and equipment used;
Know the main production techniques of the structure and decoration of objects carved in wood.

A. Brief Introduction to the History of Wood Carving
1. Retables
2. Sculpture in relief and of whole size
3. Religious objects

B. Brief Introduction to Wood Workshop
1. Basic rules of hygiene, health, safety and organization
2. Main tools and equipment

C. Materials used in the Artistic Production of Timber
1. Terminology used in woodworking
2. Types of wood
3. Types of Resins, Adhesives and Rubbers

D. Wood Structures - Connection na Joinery Systems
Art and technique of joining pieces of wood
1.1. Classification of connections and joinery
1.2. Shape of unions
1.3. Types of connections
1.4. Types of joinery
1.4.1. Mortises
2. Application in the artistic production of wood
3. Prodution joinery techniques
3.1. Selection and preparation of wood
3.2. Measurement
3.3. Marking
3.4. Cutting and Adjustment
4. Collage techniques and tightening of collages
4.1. Types of glues and clamping instruments

E. Ornamental and Figurative Decorative Techniques
Art and technique of wood carving or wood sculpt
1. Materials and techniques
1.1. Drawing or sketch execution and auxiliary markings
1.2 The choice and preparation of wood
1.3. Transposition of the drawing
1.4. Trim two contours
1.5. Thinning
1.6. Modeling of volumes
1.6.1. Roughing the second planes
1.6.2. Close-up adjustment
1.6.3. Finishing and polishing

Evaluation Methodology
Acts of Evaluation and Respective Weighting in Continuous and finale Evaluation.
-Descriptive report(40%)
-Exercises of practical application(50%)
 -Assiduity, participation and organization(10%)

- MEYER, F. (2004). Manual de Ornamentación. Barcelona: Gustavo Gili
- GRIÑÁN, J. (1992). Carpintaria de Oficina e de Armar. Amadora: Edições Técnicas Platano
- BROUN, J. (1994). The Encyclopedia of Wood Working Techniques. London: Quatro Publishing, Headline Book Publishing
- BAUDRY, M. (1978). La Sculpture. Paris: Ministére de la Culture, Imprimerie National

Teaching Method
The method of continuous assessment will be applied through two Practical Application Exercises, Assiduity, Participation and Organization in Classes, and a Portfolio, composed of Practical Application Exercises and Descriptive Memory.

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