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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 9920/2021 - 12/10/2021

2 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 28,0 PL

- Inaê Pimentel Santa Ana
- Isabel Maria da Cruz Ferreira

Not applicable.

Understand the importance, know the elements and different techniques of orientation and socialization of incoming employees; Participate in the development of host programs, orientation, and integration, appropriate to the company and the candidate's role to recruit. Reflect on the results of the and different techniques of orientation on the new employees.

1. Introduction
- Socialization, Orientation, and new employee welcome concepts
- Importance of HR in employee orientation and socializing
2. Orientation
- The role of the host organization
- What information and when
- Who should participate in orientation programmes
- Orientation programs
- Useful tools
- Orientation Costs
3. Integration
- The purpose, the techniques and the people
- Critical reflection
4. Assessment systems
- Surveys and interviews
- Assessment of the results
- Common flaws and their consequences

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous evaluation:
- Practical individual work, with oral presentation: 50%
- Written test: 50%
Students who have a grade equal to or greater than 9.5 points in all assessment elements are approved and exempted from exam.
Assessment by exam: written test (100%.

- CUNHA, M. (2016). Manual Comportamento Organizacional e Gestão. Lisboa: Editora RH
- GOMES, J. (2015). Manual de gestão de pessoas e do capital humano. Lisboa: Edições Sílabo
- SILVA, V. (2018). Capital Humano - Temas para uma boa gestão das organizações. Lisboa: Edições Sílabo

Teaching Method
The teaching methodology embodies theoretical-practical classes. Emphasis is given to expository methods for presentation of theoretical and participatory frameworks with analysis and resolution of exercises and case studies.

Software used in class
Not applicable.




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