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Bachelor's Degree in Video e Cinema Documental

Audiovisual Technologies

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 13021/2015

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 PL + 30,0 TP + 3,0 OT


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a. Mastering image and sound gear
b. Understanding the functions of Production, Image and Sound Assistants
c. Mastering the nonlinear editing
d. Applying knowledge in practical exercises
e. Mastering work processes
f. Develop Pitch capacities
g. Develop teamwork habits

1.1 - The Audiovisual language.
1.2 - Editing principles: Lucid continuity - Raccords, Consequences of changing shot angles and frames,Direction, pace, tone and sound notions.
1.3 - The Kuleshov effect.
1.4 - The "Rule of six": Emotion; narrative; Rhythm, Attention; Dual screen size; Third dimension of the action space.
2.1 - Final Cut Pro: Introduction and basic techniques.
3.1 - Procedures for proper use of camera gear and other miscellaneous equipment (lighting, tripods, filters ...) equipment.
4.1 - Video cameras Controls and Functions.
4.2 - Lenses special cares.
4.3 - Focal Length and Focus; Exposure and White Balance.
4.4 - The basics of Continuity: The 30º and 180º rules.
4.5 - Camera movements: Dollies; Cranes; Steadycams; Shoulder Supports: harmonic motion.
5.1 - Procedures for proper use of sound gear.
5.2 - Connections: Recorder> camera; Mixer> camera; Mixer> Recorder.
5.3 - Controls and Functions of Sound recorders.
5.4 - Microphones special cares.
5.5 - Proper use of a Boom Pole.
5.6 - Microphones: Dynamic VS Condensers; Polarities.
5.7 - Connection: XLR; Jack; TRS; BNC; Balanced and unbalanced.
5.8 - Monitoring and Mix; Line Level and Microphone level.
5.9 - Recording techniques.
6.1 - Production, Image and Sound Assistants at work.
7.1 - Pitching: Storylines, Synopses and Treatments.
7.2 - Pre-production and preparation: The Brief - First contact with characters,
Synopsis, argument, schedule, scout location, team and budget forecasting.
7.3 - Development: Research, reflection, selection, talent gathering.
7.4 - The shooting Sheets.
7.5 - Production Brief.

Evaluation Methodology
Ongoing Assessment:
Project 1 (20%); Project 2 (20%); Project 3 (50%); Attendance, punctuality and participation (20%)

Regular Exam season, Resit, and Special assessment season:
Exercise 1 (35%); Exercise 2 (65%)

- CHION, M. (1996). El Cine y sus Oficios. Madrid: Ediciones Catedra
- GROTTICELLI, M. (1996). American Cinematographer Video Manual. Los Angeles: American Cinematographer
- THOMPSON, R. (1993). Grannar of The Edit. Oxon UK: Focal Pres
- THOMPSON, R. (1998). Grannar of The Shot. Oxon UK: Focal Press

Teaching Method
a. Face-to-face lectures
b. Face-to-face tutorials
c. Field classes

Software used in class




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