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Bachelor's Degree in Gestão Turística e Cultural

Hospitality Management

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 14880/2013 de 15/11/2013

4 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 30,0 TP


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It is intended that students acquire knowledge related to the various departments that make up tourism enterprises, their daily operations, management trends, new distribution channels and all operations that directly contribute to their management.

1.Tourism and hospitality
1.1The relationship between tourism and hospitality
2. Planning in the hotel industry
2.1 The planning process in the hospitality industry
3. Financial Management in Hospitality
3.1 Financial management
4.Organization and control of hotel companies
4.1 The constitution of budget
5.Revenue Managemnet in Hospitality
5.1 Revenue management
5.2 Case studies
6. Maintenance in Hospitality
6.1 Equipment, management and control
7. Hotel Security and Accessibility
7.1 Security in tourism and hospitality
7.2 Accessibility
8. Quality in the Hotel Industry
8.1 Quality management and control
9. Human Resources in Hospitality
9.1 Hospitality HR planning and management
10.Marketing and Sales in Hospitality
10.1 Cases studies
11. Hotel Direction
11.1 Leadership and management
12. Product and Service Management in Hospitality
12.1 Innovation of hotel products
13.The Front Office, Back Office and Housekeeping accommodation
13.1 - Technical visits / case studies
14. Implementation of new hotel products and services
14.1 Organization and innovation
15. Crisis Management in Hospitality
15.1 Health crises
15.2 "Clean and safe" seal
15.3 Environmental crises
15.4 Financial crises

Evaluation Methodology
Written test (45%) in the middle of the semester - 9 points (the student must have at least 4 points)
Written test (45%) at the end of the semester - 9 points (the student must have at least 4 points)
Report of technical visits to accommodation accommodations (10%) (two visits to be scheduled)

* The teacher reserves the right to conduct an oral assessment in case of need

- Costa, R. (2012). Introdução à Gestão Hoteleira. Lisboa: Lidel
- Miller, A. (2016). Hotel Operations Management. Pearson Education: Pearson Education
- Costa, R. (2015). Gestão comercial Hoteleira, . Lisboa: Lidel
- Abranja, N. (2019). Gestão do Alojamento, Receção e Housekeeping. Lisboa: Lidel

Teaching Method
The classes are theoretical and theoretical-practical, with theoretical subjects supported by the discussion of practical cases, with the active participation of students.
Practical classes are based on case studies in group work.

Software used in class
Power Point




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