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Digital Typography

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho (extrato) n.º 7186/2021 de 20/07/2021

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 TP

- Maria João Bom Mendes dos Santos

Not applicable.

1. Provide knowledge about the history of typography;
2. Apply these concepts in the construction of typographic projects.

1. From Cuneiform writing to the Roman alphabet;
1.1. Ideographic writings;
1.2. Egyptian writing: Hieroglyfica; hieratic and popular;
1.3. The Phoenician alphabet;
1.4. The Latin alphabet.
2. Medieval writing styles:
2.1. Uncial Writing;
2.2. Semi-uncial writing;
2.3. Carolingian writing.
3. The invention of printing with movable types;
3.1. Gutenberg's invention;
4. Renaissance types:
4.1. Humanistic or Venetian types;
4.2. Old Style types;
4.3. The types of transition.
5. The eccentric types of the 19th century;
5.1 The extra-bold types;
5.2. Egyptian types;
5.3. Decorative types.
6. Typography in the 20th century:
6.1. San serif geometric types;
6.2. San serif transition types;
6.3. San serif humanist types.
7. Typographic fundamentals and advanced typography concepts;
7.1. The anatomy of letters.
8. Introduction to Fontstruct type creation software;

Evaluation Methodology
Five exercises will be carried out during the semester (each valid at 20% in the final grade). The score will result from the weighting of the results obtained in the development of the five projects (which are worth 100% in the final grade).
Only students who have completed at least three of the practical exercises proposed in the classes and who have attended 2/3 of those classes will be admitted to the exam.
Students admitted to the exam, as in attendance season, will have to submit the same five practical exercises resolved each valid at 20% in the final grade).

- Lommen, M. (2012). The Book of Books 500 years of graphic innovation. London: Thames & Hudson
- Felici, J. (2012). The Complete Manual of Typography. USA: Peachpit
- Carter, H. (2002). A View of Early Typography up to About 1600. London: Hyphen Press
- Lewis, J. (2007). Typography_Design & Practice. London: JM Classics Edition

Teaching Method
1. Lectures accompanied by practical projects;
2. Practical projects.

Software used in class
Adobre Illustrator software;
Fonstruct Software.




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