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Bachelor's Degree in Gestão da Edificação e Obras

Building Processes and Techniques II

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 7571/2019 - 26/08/2019

5 ECTS; 2º Ano, Anual, 42,0 TP

- Jorge Morarji dos Remédios Dias Mascarenhas
- Maria de Lurdes Belgas da Costa Reis

Not applicable.

O1. Know the execution processes of various types of walls, floors and roofs.
O2. Know new processes and construction techniques.
O3. Understand the advantages of integrating passive solar technologies into buildings.
O4. Know materials and techniques of execution of wall coverings, floors and roofs.
O5. Understand that the functional performance of the building elements depends on the conformity between the materials used and the technical solution adopted.
O6. Acquire technical skills that allow a correct approach and resolution of practical problems.
O7. Know the legislation and standards underlying the content presented.

1. Introduction
2. Buildings walls: walls of masonry; wall panels; partition walls
3. Ventilated facades and glass facades
4. Solar technologies on facades
5. Wall coverings: plaster, ceramic, natural stone, metallic, composites,
6. Buildings roofs: roofs and flat roofs.
7. Roof coatings: small, medium and large dimension, self-supporting roofs
8. Drainage of rainwater in roofs
9. Floor coverings in indoor and outdoor: housing, school, industrial, sports and hospital floors
10. New materials and new construction processes: Modiko System, Monolite System, ICF System, SLF System, and MLCC construction.
11. Presentation and discussion of practical cases

Evaluation Methodology
The U.C. assessment includes a written test (55%) and a practical application work (45%). In the written test, students must achieve a minimum grade of 9.5/20. The work consists of preparing a technical report resulting from the monitoring of a work visited during the semester or, optionally, the full description of an innovative construction process. The work is mandatory at all times of assessment. The final grade of the module is the weighted average of the written test and the assignment.

- Lourenço, P. e , . (2015). Paredes de Alvenaria - Reabilitação Renovação. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
- Camposinhos, R. e , . (2009). Revestimentos de pedra natural com fixação mecânica. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: ISBN: 978-972-618-561-1
- CTCV, A. (1998). Manual de Aplicação de Telhas Cerâmicas. (Vol. 1). Coimbra: CTCV
- CTCV, A. (2003). Manual da Aplicação de Revestimentos Cerâmicos . (Vol. 1). Coimbra: CTCV

Teaching Method
Theoretical lectures about technologies and construction processes. Analysis and discussion of practical cases that allow the critical intervention of the student.
Monitoring of a work during the semester. Field trips. Technical sessions

Software used in class
Not applicable.




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