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Bachelor's Degree in Engenharia Civil

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 10366/2022 - 24/08/2022 (Parceria ESTT/ESAI)

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 21,0 T + 21,0 PL

- Ana Paula Gerardo Machado

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Identify and characterize geological materials, massifs and geological structures.
Read and interpret geological maps and geological profiles.
Perform tests for soil identification, classification and compaction control and interpret results.
Perform calculations to determine the physical indices of geological materials, flow rates, water pressure in the soil and structures, lowering of the water table and its consequences.
Know the stress-strain relationships and calculations.
Prepare reports.
Issuing an opinion or conclusion on the work carried out.

1-Origin of Engineering Geology. 2-Structure and composition of the Earth. 2.1 Internal geodynamics. 2.2 Minerals and rocks. 3- Identification and characterization of geological structures. 3.1 Geotechnical classification of rock masses. 3.2 Excavation of rock masses. 3.3 Rock Mechanics. 3.4 Geological maps.4- Soil Mechanics.4.1 Origin and types of soils. 4.2 Physical and mechanical properties.4.3 Standardization, tests and classification. 4.4 Water in soils. 4.5 Compression. 5-Stress-strain state of the soil mass. 5.1 Earth Pressure at Rest. Principle of effective stress .5.2 Stress induced by external loads. 5.3 Brief reference to the Rheology of Materials. 5.4 Elasticity Theory in earth masses. 6. Sustainability.7. Circular Economy. Practice: Identification of mineral and rock samples. Tests: soil classification and characterization and compaction control. Exercise resolution.

Evaluation Methodology
The assessment, at any time, consists of a written test with a theoretical and practical component (80%) and delivery, mandatory, of a report on the work carried out in the laboratory (20%). Approval: in each component, a minimum of 40% of the quotation and a total classification equal to or greater than 9.5 out of 20.

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- De Graff, J. e Johnsom, R. (1988). Principles of Engineering Geology. .: John Wiley & Sons
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- Vallejo , L. e Ferrer, M. (2011). Geological Engineering. London: CRC Press

Teaching Method
Expository and interactive lectures including illustrative examples and practical exercises.
Laboratory classes involving material testing.

Software used in class
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