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Building Structures

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 9398/2015 - 18/08/2015

5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP


Not applicable.

A-Students should understand the principles, theories and models for the analysis of structural systems subjected to static and dynamics loads.
B-They should also understand modelling and analysis of internal forces and structural displacements and
C-use simplified methods of structural analysis.

1-Structural design. Preliminary design and safety check.
Design of structural systems. Functionality of the structures. Quality of structural design. Rules for preliminary design and safety validation of structural elements.
2-Structures subject to vertical loads.
Mechanism of propagation of vertical loads. Elementary rules for preliminary design. Simplified analysis of structures subject to vertical loads.
3- Structures subject to lateral forces.
Mechanism of propagation of horizontal loads. Bracing systems. Force distribution by the different bracing systems. Translation and rotation effect due to lateral loads. Simplified analysis of structures subject to horizontal loads.
Wind forces. Determination of the structural wind effects.
Earthquake forces. Determination of the structural earthquake effects. Simplified method of static analysis. Simplified method of dynamic analysis.
4- Computer-aided analysis and design f structures.
Modeling of structural systems. Analysis of results by comparison with analytical solutions. Analysis of results by comparison with the simplified methods of structural analysis.

Evaluation Methodology
One final written exam during regular assessment season.

(1986). Curso sobre a Nova Regulamentacao de Estruturas. Porto: FEUP
- Figueiras, J. (1985). Estruturas de edificios. Porto: FEUP
- Zalka, K. (2000). Global Structural Analysis of Buildings. New York: Taylor & Francis
- Appleton, J. (2013). Estruturas de Betão. (Vol. 1 e 2). Lisboa: Orion

Teaching Method
Clarification of students' doubts. This curricular unit does not work this semester so only this type of support is guaranteed to the students enrolled in it.

Software used in class
Ftool (2D Frame Analysis Tool) e Cypecad




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