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Strategic HR Management

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho n.º 4406/2017 - 22/05/2017

5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 30,0 TP

- João Pedro Dias Fontes da Costa


Describe the importance of alignment between HR Strategies and Company Results;
Describe the recruitment and selection process;
Identify recruitment and selection methods and techniques;
Identify socialization and reception strategies;
Describe the training and skills management process;
Identify the skills development methods and techniques;
Describe the components of the rewards;
Describe career models;
Describe the process of performance evaluation and management;
Identify sources and methods of performance appraisal.

Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Gender Equality (5) and Reduce inequalities (10), in HRM processes in organizations.

1. Strategic people management
1.1. HR Management in the Context of the Organization and
Surrounding Factors
1.2. Alignment between HR Strategies and
Company Results
2. Recruitment, selection and reception
2.1. Definition of recruitment, selection and
2.2. Process
2.3. Recruitment and selection methods
2.4. Socialization strategies
3. Management of training, development of potential and competence
3.1. Definitions.
3.2. Perspective on the approach to competencies.
3.3.Committee's responsibilities.
3.4. Competency management model
3.5. Methods and techniques for the development of
4. Careers and reward systems
4.1. Definitions.
4.2. Types and career anchors
4.3. Career Theories and Models
4.4. Compensation Components
5. Performance evaluation and management
5.1. Definition and objectives.
5.2. Performance Management.
5.3. Continuous process of performance management.
5.4. Stages of performance appraisal
5.5. Sources of evaluation.
5.6. Methods of performance evaluation
5.7. Errors and biases in performance evaluation

Evaluation Methodology
I. Continuous Assessment - Conducting a written test and
group work:
a) 1 written test - weighting 60%.
b) Group work (3 elements) - weighting 40%;
Information about the theme, structure / form of the works group, will be available in moodle.
A minimum grade is required for all assessment moments
of eight values. Average grades must make a minimum of ten values.


Teaching Method
Considering the nature of the module, the lecturing method will be used supported by group interaction and case study analysis.

Software used in class




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