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Ano Letivo: 2021/22

Design e Tecnologia das Artes Gráficas

History of Graphic Communication Design I

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 9182/2020 - 25/09/2020

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 T + 3,0 O , Cód. 964459.

- Maria João Bom Mendes dos Santos
- Maria Madalena Giraldes Barba Pessoa Jorge Oudinot Larcher


1. Get a better understanding of the history of graphic design from ancient times up to the Industrial Revolution
2. Understand its place in the history of western culture
3. Relate it to the history of the printed book
4. Become familiar with the art of illumination and engraving

1. Communication and Language (or Languages), Symbols and Decryption Codes
2. Iconic and Verbal Language; Iconology and Writing(s)
3. The manuscript book from ancient times to the late MMiddle Ages
4. Graphic Design from ancient beginnings to mediaeval illuminations
5. The symbolism of a functional art: the medieval mental universe in its unity and diversity
6. The 15th century and the press.

Evaluation Methodology
Students should undertake a written assessment and write a monograph (contributing 50% towards the final grade). An average mark of 10/20 exempts students from end-of-term exam.
The monograph should comply with the guidelines provided in class and to a step-by-step plan.
In the exam-based assessment, submission of monograph is not compulsory, with the final mark corresponding to the exam mark; however, the students who have done the monograph will be able to consider the average with it, should this average benefit them (in which case it will be worth 50% each).

- MEGGS, P. e PURVIS, A. (2009). História do Design Gráfico. São Paulo: Cosac Naify
- BACKHOUSE, J. (1979). The Illuminated Manuscript. (Vol. 1). Singapura: Hardback Book
- BOLOGNA, G. (2000). Illuminated Manuscripts, The Book before Gutenberg. (Vol. 1). Milão - Londres: Thames and Hudson
- LABARRE, A. (2006). História do Livro. Lisboa: Livros Horizonte

Teaching Method

Software used in class




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