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Ano Letivo: 2021/22

Design e Tecnologia das Artes Gráficas

Final Project

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Publication in the Diário da República: Despacho nº 9182/2020 - 25/09/2020

7.5 ECTS; 3º Ano, 2º Semestre, 45,0 TP + 3,0 OT , Cód. 964456.

- Maria João Bom Mendes dos Santos

Not applicable.

1. Ability to design and present a project;
2. Know how to select the most appropriate support for one project;
3. Know how to coordinate a project in the different stages of development;
4. Know how to adapt the project to existing technical, environmental and economic constraints.

1. Development of a project:
1.1. briefing and budget;
1.2. concept, make-up, artwork;
1.3. prepress, print and post-print.
2. Selection of formats, supports, finishes:
2.1. Proper typography, colors, images and printing stains.
3. Integrate sustainability criteria into the development of the project.
3.1. Presentation of sustainable materials
4. Professional deontology.
5. Quality Control.

Evaluation Methodology
During the semester a project will be carried out, divided into three stages, to which different moments of evaluation correspond. The fulfillment of each of the stages is worth 33.33% in the final grade (and the three evaluations make up 100%).
Only students who have attended at least 2/3 of the classes and who have participated in at least one of the evaluations throughout the semester will be admitted to the examination (presentation of works).

- Myers, D. (2013). The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design. New Jersey: Wiley
- Hugues, P. (2010). Exhibition Design. Londres: Laurence King Publishing
- Welsh, C. (2013). Design: Portfolio: Self promotion at its best. Londres: Rockport Publishers
- Shaughnessy, A. (2005). How to Be a Graphic Designer: Without Losing Your Soul. Londres: Laurence King Publishing

Teaching Method
1. Classes of monitoring and discussion of the proposals developed by the students for the projects mentioned above;
2. Guidance for the submission of projects;
3. Constructive criticism during the presentations of the work.

Software used in class
Adobe Creative Cloud.




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