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TeSP - Design Multimédia

Usability evaluation

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Publication in the Diário da República: Aviso n.º 1895/2018 - 12/02/2018

3 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP

- Rui Miguel Sardinha Proença

Not apllicable.

1. Perform usability and accessibility studies.
2. Promote different techniques for analyzing the usability of multimedia products.
3. Present proposals for corrective measures, promoting the redesign of multimedia products.

1. Credibility issues on the Internet

2. The concept of Usability
Introduction to the concept of usability and the need to simplify the use of multimedia products.

a) Usability principles
- Design of web pages or multimedia products
- Content Design
- Design of websites
- Information Architecture.

3. Techniques for Usability evaluation
The evaluation of usability and its objectives and techniques.

a) Heuristic evaluation
- Definition and Features
- Heuristics and indicators
- Evaluators and evaluation conditions

b ) User Test
- Definition and techniques
- Cognitive inspection
- Tests with users

4. Accessibility Concept

a) W3C Directives and legislation
b ) Conformity assessment of the W3C guidelines

Evaluation Methodology
The evaluation, both in frequency and in final examination consists in the accomplishment of several practical exercises in class context, that culminate in the elaboration of a final report.

- BADRE, A. (2002). Shaping Web usability : interaction design in context.. USA: Pearson Education
- NIELSEN, J. (2000). Designing web usability: the practice of simplicity.. USA: New Riders Publishing
- GOTO, K. (2000). Web ReDesign, Workflow that works. USA: New Riders Publishing
- NORMAN, D. (2002). The design of everyday things. New York: Basic Books

Teaching Method
1. Theoretical classes comprising content exploration and presentation of case studies.
2. Lab sessions including practical exercises and project monitoring.

Software used in class
Not applicable.




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