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Ano Letivo: 2017/18

TeSP - Qualidade Ambiental

Integrated Management Systems

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Publication in the Diário da República: Aviso nº 1804/2017 de 16/02/2017

4 ECTS; 2º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP

- Natércia Maria Ferreira dos Santos

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At the end of the unit students have to have skills to participante in the implementation of integrated management system (IMS), to analyse quality costs and implement measures to improve processes.

1 - Introduction - Historic framework of IMS.
2 - Sustainable Development.
3 - Quality System Management (QSM)implementation.
3.1 - Quality Management System requirements.
3.2. Some standards of ISO 9001 group.
3.3. Implementation advantage and certification of QSM.
4 - Environmental System Management (ESM)implementation.
4.1. The different environmental management systems.
4.2 - Standard ISO 14001.
4.3 - Certification process.
5 - Safety and Health System Management (SHSM)implementation.
5.1 - Safety and Health System Management (SHSM) requirements.
5.2 - Standards OHSAS 18001 and NP 4397.
6 - Audits. Standard ISO 19011.
7 - IMS certification.
8 - Advantages, dificulties and disadvantages of the 3 systems integration.

Evaluation Methodology
Theoretical component: written test. Theoretical-practical component: literature review report.
Final mark is the average of the two components. A minimum mark of 10 (out of 20) in each component is required to pass.

- Santos, G. (2013). Sistemas Integrados de Gestão - Qualidade, Ambiente e Segurança. Porto: Publindústria
- Pires, A. (2007). Qualidade - Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade. Lisboa: Edições Sílabo

Teaching Method
Explanatory lectures, case studies lectures and solving exercices.

Software used in class
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