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Ano Letivo: 2017/18

Mestrado em Sistemas de Informação Geográfica, em Planeamento e Gestão do Território

Terrestrial Spatial Positioning Systems

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6 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP

- Fernando Manuel Lino Gonçalves Antunes

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Contact with the available terrestrial and space positioning techniques, in particular GNSS systems, acquiring the skills to perform a complete practical work: planning, positioning, collection and processing of geographic data.

1. Terrestrial positioning systems. General elements of geodesy and topography.
1.1. Measuring techniques in the field and topographic charts;
1.2. General surveying methods;
1.3. Applications of topography to spatial planning / urban planning.
2. Spatial positioning systems. Global satellite navigation systems (GNSS). The particular case of the NAVSTAR GPS system.
3. GPS signal structure. Analysis of the code generator mechanism. Logical structure of the navigation message. Resolution of ambiguities. Observation errors.
4. Reference Systems. The ellipsoid reference system. The geodetic datum. The ellipsoid associated with GPS. National geodetic systems. The ephemeris time - time systems, atomic time, universal time, coordinated universal time, and GPS time.
5. Modes of Positioning of Space Entities. Absolute and relative positioning. Static and dynamic positioning.
6. Types of equipment. Use of Receivers.

Evaluation Methodology
- exam - 40,
- pratical report - 60.

- Monteiro, J. (2012). Planeamento de Observações GPS. Sebenta de apoio às aulas.. (Vol. 1). Castelo Branco: IPCB/ESA
- Gonçaves, J. e Sousa, J. e Madeira, S. (2012). Topografia. Conceitos e aplicações. (Vol. 1). Lisboa: LIDEL
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Teaching Method
Presencial. Based on the expositive and demonstrative method. The students will do a practical exercise which integrates all the GPS techniques covered in and outside the classroom.

Software used in class
ArcGIS. GPS Software




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