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Ano Letivo: 2013/14

CET - Fabricação Automática

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Publication in the Diário da República: CET Despacho nº 2007/2008

2 ECTS; 1º Ano, Anual, 30,0 TP

- Susana Maria Marques Carrilho

The students should have an intermediate level of English, as far as the reading, writing and speaking skills are concerned.

The students should essentially acquire vocabulary related to their field of study, as well as the basic grammatical structures which will enable them to develop and produce short- and medium-length essays correctly and with coherence.

1. Technology and Society; 2. Engineering; 3. Design and Modelling; 4. Measurement; 5. Strength and Stiffness; 6. Materials; 7. Manufacturing; 8. Codes and Standards

Evaluation Methodology
Each student must obtain at least 9.5 marks in order to pass the curricular unit. The final mark is achieved not only through the written assessments, but also the participation in class and the attendance.

- Murphy, R. (2005). English Grammar in Use - Intermediate. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
- Redman, S. (2008). English Vocabulary in Use - Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
- Glendinning, E. (2007). Oxford English for Careers - Technology 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press
- Astley, P. e Lansford, L. (2013). Oxford English for Careers - Engineering 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Teaching Method
Through theoretical and practical exercises, the students must acquire several skills in fabrication, which will enable them to put those skills into practice, namely, writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.

Software used in class




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