Translation Unit



a) The Translation Unit translates certificates, certified copies, diplomas and diploma supplements from IPT students and alumni to English and/or French.

b) Provides support to teaching and research translating to English the curricula and course syllabuses.

c) Supports teacher training and research by translating and reviewing scientific papers in English prepared by IPT lecturers as well as proofreading master's and doctoral dissertations written in Portuguese.

d) Contributes to disseminate the institution and its schools by translating all the information, promotion and dissemination material produced by IPT.

e) Supports the accreditation of IPT programmes translating relevant documentation.

f) Responds to any type of information request from foreign students about our educational offer as well as information requests from foreign entities/companies on the qualifications and level equivalences from IPT alumni who apply for a job abroad.

g) Submits an annual Activity Plan and Activity Report by 30 November and 31 March, respectively.



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