BIOTEC.IPT - Bioenergy and Applied Biotechnology Lab

 Biotechnology in the service of the Region

Dina Mateus, Director

Henrique Pinho, Cooperator;
Valentim Nunes, Cooperator;
Isabel Nogueira, Cooperator;
Marco Cartaxo, Cooperator;
Manuel Rosa, Cooperator;
Cristina Costa, Cooperator;
Maria Isabel Ferreira de Oliveira Silva, Cooperator;
Alcino Luis Simao de Matos Serras, Cooperator;


The Laboratory of Bioenergy and Applied Biotechnology (BIOTEC.IPT), is a center for research and development of skills in the field of bioenergy and the practical applications of biotechnology, bearing in mind the strategy and business interests of the Central Region.





The BIOTEC.IPT aims to support the development and dissemination in the Central Region of skills in the context of Bioenergy and other forms of Renewable Energy, as part of resources valorization in the region as is the particular case of forest biomass, with emphasis on  sustainability and environmental protection concepts.




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