Scientific-Technical Committee of Tomar Business School (ESGT)


1 - The Scientific-Technical Committee comprises the following members:

a) The School Director;

b) Seven representatives elected by:

i. Tenured faculty members;

ii. Full-time non-tenured faculty members who have been working in the institution for more than 10 years in the same professional category;

iii. Full-time faculty members holding a doctoral degree contracted for at least one year irrespective of their contractual status with IPT;

iv. Faculty members with the specialist status who are not covered by the previous subparagraphs employed on a full-time basis and contracted by the institution for more than two years;

c) Four representatives of the accredited research units, if any, appointed among full-time professors or PhD holders assigned to research projects within ESGT, elected among their peers.                                                          

2 - Where the four places of the representatives referred to in subparagraph c) above may not in whole or in part be filled, they will be replaced by members elected as provided in b).

3 - The community of academics and researchers, voters and eligible candidates, comprises, in accordance with the preceding paragraphs, all ESGT's teaching and research staff members included in the staff allocation plans approved by IPT's departmental units.

4 -   Where a faculty member or researcher is assigned to more than one School in the abovementioned plans, he or she shall be considered within the voting/eligible cohort in which he or she has the greatest workload.

5 - The Scientific-Technical Committee may also include invited members from among professors or researchers from other institutions or individuals of recognised standing and experience in line with the mission of the institution up to a maximum of four.

6 - Where the number of eligible individuals is lower than that prescribed in this article, the Scientific-Technical Committee will be composed of the entire number of individuals.

7 — The members of the Scientific-Technical Committee are elected for a two-year term of office with potential renewal for an undefined period of time.


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