Scientific-Technical Committee of Tomar Business School (ESGT)


1 — The Scientific-Technical Committee is responsible for:

a) Drafting relevant rules of procedure and electing the Chairman and Secretary;

b) Approving the ESGT's activity plan;

c) Providing advice on the creation, transformation or extinction of units within the institution;

d) Deciding on the allocation of teaching staff and submitting it to the approval of the President of IPT;

e) Deciding on the creation of new courses of study and approving the syllabuses of existing courses of study;

f) Proposing or advising on the award of titles or honorary distinctions;

g) Proposing or providing recommendations on the award of school prizes;

h) Proposing or advising on the establishment of international agreements and partnerships;

i) Proposing the composition of tenure and promotion selection panels;

j) Performing other actions as provided by the law on competitions to recruit academic and research staff;

k) Providing feedback on any matter that is submitted for consideration by the School Director or IPT bodies;  

l) Fulfilling the other duties placed upon it by law or by the statutes or internal regulations of the institution.

2 — The Committee members cannot provide advice on matters concerning:

a) Issues related with tenure and promotion matters of faculty members with higher professional position;

b) Recruitment and selection procedures or competitions for which they are eligible to apply or where they are an interested party.


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