Info to candidates


Course Director

4ªfase: 1/07 a 17/09/2021

Start of classes: scheduled for 11/10/2021


Online classes, in synchronous regime:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 17.30-19.30/20.00-22.00

Classes and assessments:

Saturday: 9.30-13.00/14.00-18.00

2 UC classes at ENB concentrated in a week from Monday to Friday, predictably in the month of July 2022 at ENB (Sintra).


Admission criteria:

Degree of Firemen with 5 years of experience or candidates with the relevant curriculum in Civil Protection.


Academic Office

Fee and payment methods:

FEE: €1600

(total payment with 2% discount or payment spread over 10 times);


Admission Fee: 60,00 €

Dados Bancários para efetuares o pagamento:

IBAN: PT50 0781 0112 0000 0001 2791 7
MORADA: Quinta do Contador, 2300 Tomar

FAVORECIDO: Instituto Politécnico de Tomar
NIF do Organismo: 503767549

2€ School insurance


- Detailed Curriculum Vitae;
- Certificates of Qualifications;
- Citizen Card or Print:
- Copy of identity card and taxpayer card;

Additional Information:

Course Coordinator:

Prof.ª Rita Ferreira Anastácio (


Susana Marques (