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3rd Phase from the 9th until the 13th October 2017

European Master in Prehistoric Archeology and Rock Art

 Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

(Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree - Programme Erasmus + - with the support of European Comission)


Master Course integrates European Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Quaternary and Prehistory, allowing students to undertake 30% of the course in other universities of the network, obtaining in the end, Erasmus Mundus European Diploma, issued by IPT, University of Ferrara (Italy), National Museum of Natural History (France), University of Tarragona (Spain) and University of  Philippines Diliman. Master Course takes mainly place in Mação, with optional modules in Tomar. In research plan it is linked to Geosciences Centre of University of Coimbra.


Directive Comission:Luíz Oosterbeek, Pierluigi Rosina, Silvério Figueiredo.

Other Teachers: André Soares, Alexandra Figueiredo, Daniel Arsenault, Davide Delfino, Dragos Gheorgiu, Eugénia Cunha, Érika Róbrhan-Gonzalez, Fernando Coimbra, François Djindian, George Nash, Hermínia Sol, Hipolito Collado, Luís Mota Figueira, Luís Santos, Moustapha Sall, Rita Anastácio, Silvério Figueiredo, Sara Cura, Stefano Grimaldi, Ziva Domingos.


Applications (3rd phase) from the 9th until the 13th October 2017:

Candidates must send course admission requirement, together with letter directed to Master Director, justifying their interest in the course and referring intended area of specialization , Curriculum Vitae, copy of competence certificate/Diploma, copy of Identity Card /Passport and VAT number, and Application Form.

Candidates that are graduating in this academic year, may apply conditionally.

Documentation must be sent within defined dates to:


Secretariado do Mestrado em Arqueologia Pré-Histórica e Arte Rupestre

Instituto Politécnico de Tomar

Quinta do Contador - Estrada da Serra

2300-313 Tomar - Portugal


Tel. (+351) 249 346 363 / Fax. (+351) 249 346 366


Admission conditions: Graduated in Archaeology, History, Anthropology, Biology, Geology and other graduations in the area of Human Sciences, Earth and Life. Candidates from other scientific areas, may be admmited after curricular analysis. Graduating finalists 2015/2016, with the prevision of graduation until December 2016, may apply conditionally. Selected candidates, with more than 180 ECTS, may request equivalence to academic part of Master Course. 


Selection of Candidates: is made by Directive Comission of Master Course, based on criteria bellow, which are identical to those defined by the European Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, under a total of 100 points:

a) Classification of Degree (max.20)
b) Candidate's motivation letter (max.15)
c) Knowledge of english or french (max. 10)
d) Knowledge of other languages (max. 5)
e) Professional experience in Archaeology (max.20)
f) Additional qualifications, namely other academic degrees or publications (Max. 5)
g) Adequation of Thesis theme or previous publications (max. 20)
i) Age (5 points for those under 30 years old)

Candidates may be submitted to an interview, whenever Directive Comission thinks it is necessary.

Key areas of specialization: Prehistoric Archaeology, Rock Art, Prehistoric Technologies (lithics, ceramic, mettalurgy, experimental archaeology, traceology), Latin America Archaeology, Geoarcheology, African Archaeology, Archaeometry, Archeobotany, Zooarcheology, Quality Management of Archeological Heritage (Collaboration of HERITY Programme), Theory of Archaeology (other specialisations within Erasmus Mundus network).


Training and investigation scholarships and professional iniciation internships:

- Erasmus Mundus scholarships for students from outside European Union

- Erasmus Mundus scholarships for european students

- Erasmus mobility scholarships for frequency of part of the course, in other institution of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Quaternary and Prehistory

- Scholarships within investigation projets in Tagus Valley (Portugal and Spain)

- Professional Integration interships in Europe, Africa and Latin America

Employability of former graduates: 94% (58% working in Archaeology; 32% in related areas; 38% accepted in Doctorates).

Location: Master Course takes mainly place in Mação, with some optional modules in Tomar.



Fee: 2,000.00 euros (1,000.00 euros / year) 

Inscription: 150,00 euros

Annual School insurance: 2,00 euros

Registration (2nd phase): at IPT Academic Services, and the following documentation is required: copy of Identity Card /Passport and VAT number, 2 small photos, copy of vaccination bulletin (with tetanus updated), and filled application form (provided by Academic Services). Students must pay inscripton (150,00 euros) and annual school insurance (2,00 euros).


Classes Begining: October 2017.



Master in Prehistoric Archeology and Rock Art 2017/2018 (calendar to be available)



Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in "Quaternary and Prehistory" - Applications : Site of Universitá degli Studi di Ferrara (Itália)