A noite e o dia


Throughout history, light has been a popular subject for painters. Exploited as a key element and theme for the development of artistic work, in these studios it is viewed as a light/dark dichotomy. Starting from this opposition/consequence it is thought in terms of its role in the spatial construction, space dimension perception, colour and even its absence.  Stepping back to the fundamental meaning of light as a source of energy, starting point, getaway point or source of wisdom, divinity and consequently of good, knowledge and truth (...), we move the focus of work to an inner sensitive zone where day and night fall outside the natural order. The paintings on display in this exhibition come up as an instrument to perceive light as a transition between reality and the world of dreams. Artistic expression appears out of place from the concave and convex that define the real space, and sometimes even flat with no time or depth. Time references have come to depend on the duration of each spectator’s observation and light/dark changes are materialised through the day-night succession. Therefore, the works currently on display translate the authors’ inner expression, or rather the expression of their ‘dreams’.

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