Poliempreende Contest at IPT


The ultimate goal of the Poliempreende contest is to instil and encourage entrepreneurship and provide career opportunities, especially self-employment.

 It is a project designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset raising the participants awareness to the importance of incorporating and developing methods to enhance and apply produced expertise and know-how. In addition, it contributes to enhance the academic/personal profile of the participants.

 It is designed to make a significant contribution to society and economy through the creation of innovative regional businesses that can be put into practice and also to foster entrepreneurship within the sphere of influence of polytechnic institutions and SMEs created as a result of Poliempreende.

 This year, the Polytechnic of Tomar (IPT) is the coordinator of the 16th Edition of the Poliempreende contest which will take place 9-13 September in the IPT campus at Tomar and will award €22.000 in prizes.

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