Lançamento da Obra Cidades e Territórios Inteligentes, Sustentáveis e Inclusivos


The launch of the book “Cidades e Territórios Inteligentes, Sustentáveis e Inclusivos” by Jorge Mascarenhas will take place next Saturday 29th September, 15:30pm, at the Sala do Moinho da Ordem, Complexo Cultural da Levada,
In a global world facing new and constant challenges, cities are regarded as a potential hub of creativity.  In an urban environment, people are more stimulated and hence more competitive and capable of innovating and creating new products. Our country needs to find strategies to make cities grow and develop, i.e. to create more and better jobs.  
If cities and territories are improved, they will attract talented, qualified people as well as research centres, specialized services and advanced production centres. This author is preparing a series of 15 technical books on how to understand and improve modern cities as well as create a territorial dynamic that promotes a smart, competitive, sustainable and inclusive economy.
These illustrated books  address topics related with city infrastructures such as water supply networks, ecosystems, traffic, urban logistic and distribution, heritage, energy production and consumption, waste, transport, hazards, food production and consumption, lifestyles, social cohesion, smart strategies.

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