IPT campus will be enhanced with a woodland area


Next Wednesday 20th November at 4pm, the academic community will be planting the first trees of IPT’s woodland area, which will be located next to the canteen.

The woodland will be monitored with Bee2Fire Detection, Compta’s forest monitoring technology, as part of the Smarter Portugal project.

In Compta’s words:

“Early fire detection is crucial to prevent damage and devastation. Bee2FireDetection is a monitoring system for early fire detection that uses innovative technologies. It is a fundamental tool for supporting decision-making enabling quicker response times and more effective support to fire fighting operations. It should be noted that this technology is also developed in the region since part of the R&D team of this product operates from Abrantes. All the more reason for Compta to join this initiative promoted by IPT and work together to develop, preserve and protect our forest as well as promote these new technologies that can make the difference to mitigating this global problem”.



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