Facts and Personalities

A reference at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar is Professor José Bayolo Pacheco de Amorim, being the President of the institution since its beginning in 1982 until 2005. IPT attributed its name to the Main Auditorium.

Professor António Pires da Silva was the second President's between 2005 and 2010., Today's Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Support Office for the presidency.

Professor Julio Dias das Neves belonged from 1982 to 1996, to the management of IPT, having been assigned its name to the Auditorium O106. Belonged to the General Council till 2014.

The first Professor, Luis Oliveira Dias, took office on February 27, 1984.

OFelia Ferreira was the first Chief of Administrative Services

Some facts and figures:

• In 1982 the first office were in a holding room at Templar Trade Center in Alameda March 1 in Tomar.

• In 1984 begin the restauration of the first building of IPT at Avenida Cândido Madureira, taking, that would be acquired in the following year.

• In 1986 came into operation the first undergraduate programmes of IPT: Business & Management (Head Professor José Ribeiro Mendes), Construction (Head Professor António Paiva) and Pulp and Paper Technology (Head Professor Rui Santa Ovaia), with a total of about 90 students.

• In 1987 came into operation the undergraduate programme of Graphic Arts  (Head Dr António Guilhermino Pires) and, in 1988, the Course of Specialized Studies in Art, Archaeology and Restoration (Head Professor Luis Osterbeek).

• In 1988 was published the first Student Guide.

• In 1989 the first graduates left Graduates for the job market. Joaquim Pombo, from Business & Management, José Casimiro Pereira, Vitor Gaspar and Natércia Santos, from Pulp and Paper Technology, and Orlando Lopes da Fonseca, from  Construction are the first graduates, Professors or High Technicians today working at IPT.

• In 1989 it launched the first stone Campus IPT in Tomar and the first classes began at this Campus in 1991.

• In 2014 the IPT has to offer 21 Bachelor, Masters 21 and 17 Technological Specialisation Courses. There are about 3000 students.

• By 2014, IPT has already enrolled about 13,000 students, and graduates have already been over 10,000.

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