OTIC.IPT - Technology Transfer Office


Clara Amaro, Executive Director


 The Technology Transfer and Knowledge Office (OTIC.IPT) of Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (IPT) is the connection between academia, partners, organizations, companies and society, in order to identify and promote the transfer and development of ideas and innovative concepts (product, process,...).

OTIC.IPT integrates the organizational structure of IPT as a unit of research, technological and artistic development, and provides support for activities and research projects, technology transfer and exploration of knowledge and service to the abroad.

OTIC.IPT provides a flexible, complete and efficient answer to the enterprises and researchers needs, making the support in companies researcher projects, either un finding partners (other R&D institutions, companies, other entities) for the development and/ or application and/ or testing of the new technology and/ or product, or in finding adequate financing






Ed INOVPoint - Tecnopolo do Vale do Tejo
Rua José Dias Simão
2200-062 Abrantes

Telephone - +351 241 330 330
E-mail - otic@ipt.pt
Site - http://www.otic.ipt.pt


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