Mestrado em Manutenção de Instalações Técnicas

, 120 ECTS, 4 semesters, Degree official code:
Technology School of Abrantes, School official code 3243



Provide a solid scientific, technological and social learning, supported by a programme and courses that includes contact with real situations and laboratories experiences. This cycle of studies is based on the development of a diverse set of skills and competencies that permits excellent career opportunities and pursue postgraduate studies.

The design, construction and maintenance requires in terms of engineering specialties, the use of various technical training profiles. In fact, the level of complexity that characterizes the current buildings, becomes necessary to pooling of knowledge in various fields of engineering, and do not exist in our country specific training able to integrate these specialties.



 With this Master Degree Technical Facilities Maintenance aims to ensure students a professional specialization, able to allow intervention in an interdisciplinary way in the various specialties of this area, particularly in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), fluid networks, facilities electrical, automation, data networks and communications, safety and security, acoustics, lighting, among others, from the stage of design, construction and maintenance.
To train professionals able to contribute to improving the quality of buildings and their equipment, in the areas of operation, comfort, safety and rational use of energy, design methodologies and product development and equipment, from processing raw materials technologies, materials technology, and automation and process control;
Meet a pressing market need, through training of professionals with a comprehensive and appropriate profile in engineering fields related facilities and equipment in buildings.
Be spinoffs engine or startups, encouraging and supporting students in developing business projects drivers for change that contribute to the development of an innovative and competitive society.