Conserving the ephemeral: Light - IPT - ICOM-CC (SPAD)


The meeting “Conserving the ephemeral: Light” will focus on less obvious aspects related with the conservation and restoration of sculpture: the impact of light on the observer’s perception, how the work was originally conceived from the viewpoint of visualisation and how we view it now, light and shadow games, trompe l’oeil, ...

The papers will deal with topics such as chromatic reintegration, preparatory layers, or radiation to study and analyse works of art, among others.

Examples will be provided of various historical periods from mediaeval to contemporary sculpture, altarpieces, or architectural interiors.

The presentations will be made by experts and practitioners of several conservation and restoration areas from various countries and institutions.

The preliminary programme can be accessed at:

Registration is compulsory but free of charge (lunch not included).

Registrations until 28th April 2019.

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